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Invest into an innovative and seminal property project with great returns!

Gecci Rent and Buy® is a new product for funding of residential properties in a comfortable and simple way. There is no bank credit needed. Instead, home builders pay a monthly rent during the time span agreed by contract. This monthly rent already includes amortization and all other costs. Therefore, - other than with installment purchase - there is no high ending rate. Compared to traditional financing, home builders save up to € 30,000 over the whole time span.

Creator of this model is Gerald Evans, Construction Consultant and Project Developer from Nettlingen, near Hildesheim in Lower Saxony. With his 15-year-old company GECCI and the new Rent and Buy concept, he offers home builders unprecedented independence, cost effectiveness and transparency. And you, as a potential investor, are offered - in addition to extensive guarantees - an annual interest rate of 6.5% and additional dividend payouts depending on profitability.

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Residential properties are scarce and have long been affordable only outside cities. But even there, families are lacking the necessary own funds. In addition, die financial corporations are obliged by an EU provision of 2016 to exert a rather restrictive credit policy. 50 per cent of all credit requests are rejected. Solution? GECCI! Our Rent and Buy concept requires no credit. This concept will revolutionize the property market. And it is a great investment in times of low interest rates.


Gecci Rent and Buy ® and GECCI LIVING® offer the construction of solid houses and condominiums as part of a unique rental and transfer agreement. The savings for the builder compared to loan financing or hire purchase are enormous! And all political, regulatory and economic conditions show: Gecci Rent And Buy ® and GECCI LIVING® meets a mature real estate market. You too can now benefit from a unique business model and 4.50 - 6.50 percent interest per year.


Each investment is a matter of trust. Transparency is a must. Therefore, you will find here detailed information about Gecci Rent and Buy® and all the advantages your investment into this concept will offer you. Contact us and you will get exclusive access to our investment brochure and further information. Meanwhile, you will find on this website all the extensive guarantees and market opportunities this innovative product presents.

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