2020 the very first Gecci Rent and Buy® home builders will move into their new solid home.

Our offer for builders includes the construction of a modern solid house according to EnEV or KfW standards, with roof solar panels and annual heating costs averaging only 650 euros. Locations for these houses will be attractive properties in prosperous but still inexpensive communities in the vicinity of large cities in Germany such as Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Hanover, Cologne, Stuttgart etc. In the near future we will establish our business model in Western Europe, the USA and Canada. Here we - and with us you as an investor - benefit from the great demand for affordable residential property.

The core of the contract with the client is the Gecci Rent and Buy ® and GECCI LIVING® rental and transfer models, which we have exclusively developed: This offers the client in Germany savings of up to 30,000 euros over the entire term compared to other financing models - including one saving with real estate transfer tax, which we can also guarantee thanks to our model. We also have attractive interest rates and fixed monthly rent rates for our builders for the entire term, without the need for rescheduling as with normal home loans

The property will be paid for by monthly rental payments during the time span agreed by contract. Additional costs being added to the pure rental price of the property in order to clear the purchase price, correspond to the usual clearing costs of the financial corporations. There are no further costs, credit interests or hidden fees.

Prices for our homes start at €199.000 for a total living space of 106 qm, with a contractual term of at least 23 years, excluding land and additional costs. There is no down payment and no high end payment. Services, such as design engineering, construction planning and site management are included in our construction price.

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