"With our unique Rent and Buy system home builders keep control of their cash flow and are independent from interest and rent fluctuations. And you invest into this model and win!"

Gerald Evans, GECCI

A great opportunity for home builders. Great opportunities for you.

Practically everywhere, being a home owner is a lifetime dream. Still, many potential home builders are afraid of the financial risk. This is no surprise: Financial corporations exert a rather restrictive credit policy. Thus, almost every other credit request is denied. And with the concept of installment purchase, the worst comes at the end: a large ending rate.


Against this trend, GECCI builds modern solid homes and brings them on the market by means of a special rent and transfer of property contract. Currently, the planning phase for first couple of homes is almost completed. They will be built in 2020. After at least 23 and at most 32 years, the property will be transferred to the tenant. No large ending rate is required. Several payment options are available on customers request.


With Gecci Rent and Buy® we offer you a new, unique and protected way of purchasing a residential property: no bank credit for home builders and best guarantees for investors.


We are convinced that this innovative financing model appeals to many potential home builders. The first couple of GECCI houses have already been contracted. Thus, prospects for our company and our investors are very positive. The perfected and tested concept of Gecci Rent and Buy® offers a valuable investment for credit capital. Request information on how to access and take advantage of this creative idea for financing residential properties.

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