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Our company and its business concept Gecci Rent and Buy® have been of high interest to renowned media several times. Read here, what economic and real estate journalists of renowned German papers, such as Süddeutsche Zeitung, FAZ or Tagesspiegel, have to say about our new financing concept: they call it an exciting and efficient instrument for building valuable and affordable solid homes.

Königsinvestor recommends GECCI for long-term investors

Königsinvestor, a well-known blog for capital investments, published a detailed article about GECCI Rent and Buy and its advantages for home builders as well as investors:Abstract/Lessons Learned of the article

  • Real estate property in German cities is overly expensive.
  • Gerald Evans offers with GECCI a Rent and Buy concept that still enables purchasing a property.
  • The interests of the investors as well as the tenants, who later will be the owner, are equally considered.
  • GECCI offers investors an...
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Tip of Capital investment with GECCI Investment

The online portal reports on an investment in GECCI Investment as a modern investment in real estate.

Additional information:

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Rent purchase is nothing new - a Mietuebereignungsmodell but very well (Der Immobilienbrief)

So far, there have been two types of leasing purchase on the German real estate market: In the case of the classic model, the lessee undertakes to buy the property at a fixed final installment after a certain period of time. The deposit amount 20% of the purchase price. In the so-called option purchase, the prospective buyer rents the property to the developer and has the option to buy the property at a later date. He is not obliged to buy. Now there is a third model. It was developed by Gerald...

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Your own home without own funds (Der Tagesspiegel)

Der Options- oder Mietkauf ist eine Alternative zur herkömmlichen Finanzierung – aber teurer.

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When permanent tenants build their own home (Der Tagesspiegel)

Auch wer keinen Kredit bekommt und wenig Eigenkapital hat, kann sich Eigentum leisten.

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