A profitable investment - first class, first rank and now available.

That is what we stand for

"With this concept, we stand by our idea.

The company's founder, Gerald Evans, is a partner with full liability and thus vouches for this concept with all his private assets."

After four years of development, the feasibility of the investment concept was checked by one of the world's most renowned, independent auditing and tax consultancy firms, as well as from specialist law firms. "Gecci Rent And Buy ®" is unique on the property market and protected worldwide. The market entry took place at the end of 2018.

With our diverse safeguards, we offer a high degree of reliability and stability

Our security portfolio is multi-layered around your possible investment. Click through all the collateral we offer you as an investor. And please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions - we strive to uncompromisingly reconcile your personal security requirements with your investment.

What guarantees and opportunities does GECCI offer for my investment
into the Gecci Rent and Buy® business concept?

Great guarantees: the contractual aspects

First step: Subordinated loans. After the building phase of the project, entry into the land register, part 3, first rank.

Optionally, shares into the property development company GECCI Immobilien KG: with such shares you are a limited partner and can deduct expenditures from your tax. Unlimited partner of the GECCI Immobilien KG is Gerald Evans, who thus is liable with all his private assets.

The property development company GECCI Immobilien KG is a limited partnership. Thus, liability is limited to the company’s assets including your shares as limited partner. You, as investor, are a limited partner and thus co-owner of the limited partnership.

In addition to a loss of rent insurance we also offer retention of title for the whole property until all payment obligations have been met by the beneficiary of our Gecci Rent and Buy® contract.

Gecci Rent and Buy® is protected by trade and copyright laws. The concept has been audited for feasibility by an independent auditing company and specialist solicitors.

GECCI possesses all necessary certifications to supervise building sites with regards to safety as well as administration. We also possess all required permits, licenses and insurances according to §34c of the German trade law for estate agents and property developers.

Housing shortage as well as the restrictive credit policy due to the EU directive relating to credits for residential properties keep our target groups interested in new financing concepts.

Business idea and concept are unique and attract a great deal of attention. Gecci Rent and Buy® is protected from imitation: We will permanently remain the only company on the real estate market offering this concept.

The first investors who are already on board, appreciate the development of our business field which may create its very own market in the medium run.

We build modern solid homes according to EnEV or KfW standards with solar panels on the roof and annual heating costs of just € 550 on average in attractive places. Our most affordable home starts at an all round price of €199,000.

In order to offer affordable solutions to our home builders, we focus on urban areas such as Hamburg, Hanover, Berlin, Stuttgart etc. In such places the pressure on our target groups is especially high and thus trigger their interest in new financing models.

We start by offering our protected concept in our home region and will later make available rights of use to interested companies by means of a franchise concept. We may extend this model to the DACH region as well as other European countries.

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